Diamond Antibac

Product Specifications:
– Filtration volume: 1.5L/min at pressure 40 psi
– Water pressure applicable: 10-60 psi
– Size: 135mm(W) X 340mm(H) X 280mm(L)
– Weight: 4kg (6kg when filled with water)

Diamond three-filter system effectively removes bacteria and contaminants to produce water that’s 100% safe for direct consumption without boiling, thus giving consumers great benefits and convenience.

Product Feature

  • A cleanable, top grade ceramic filter to thoroughly remove bacteria, biological contaminants, and particulate contaminants such silt and rust.
  • KDF Metal Ion Converters to effectively remove heavy metals and also oxidize residual chlorine instantly.
  • Granulated Activated Carbon and high-density carbon blocks to absorb chlorine and organic contaminants such as pesticides, chemicals and cancer-causing chlorine by-products while removing unpleasant tastes, odour and colour.
  • Natural mineral stones to replenish essential minerals in water that are lost during the intensive filtration process while giving the water a pleasant, refreshing taste.
  • Diamond Anti-bac Water System also contains unique Anti-Bacterial Controllers developed based on the latest nanotechnology. In any given system, contaminants will inevitably accumulate after a period of time, thus giving rise to bacterial growth. Diamond Anti-bac’s Anti-Bacterial Controllers helps curb this while also enhancing the system’s bacteria removal function.

 Product Benefits

  • 100% safe for immediate consumption!
  • No rust, mud or impurities!
  • No bacterial contamination; no bacteria growth!
  • Thoroughly clean of organic and inorganic contaminants!
  • No more unpleasant residual chlorine taste!
  • Balanced mineral content!
  • A pleasant, refreshing taste!