Support of 500,000 families comes from the simple principle of priority for customers
To date there are 500,000 families all over Asia drinking Diamond Health Water, including professionals of different fields, entrepreneurs and the public. Support from large numbers of consumers is definitely not the result of publicity. Instead, consumers are able to discard the slogan of propaganda and make the best choice by their own impression and experience. This expresses the concept of Diamond that ‘good products will talk for themselves’.

 http://www.diamond.com.sg/maria_small.JPG Maria Cordero
Famous Artist

“After consuming Diamond Health Water, health of my family members has been markedly improved. For examples, my constipation is much better now. The kids also drink more water now. They drink less soft drinks and fruit juices which contain colourings, consequently their digestive system has become better. I also poured Diamond Health Water into milk for my grandchild and I found his immunity improved and he is healthier than before.”

 http://www.diamond.com.sg/accountant.jpg Cheong Kah Yunn
Account Executive

“My baby is only 4 months old, he has never drank boiled tap-water since he was born. He drinks a bottle of Diamond Health Water every hour. I feel so happy watching him drinking. Even my relatives find him so fond of drinking water. Babies are more sensitive and pure, they will definitely love Diamond Health Water just like us, because Diamond Water is sweeter and smoother. So, I believe most children will never face problems of drinking water again. “

 http://www.diamond.com.sg/housewife.jpg Lee Yun Mai

“I used to have constipation, my two children had the same problem too. For the past 10 years, I used to take laxatives to solve the problem. However, the doctor refused to sell the medicine to me after some time because he said it would affect my kidneys. When my friend introduced Diamond Health Water to me, I was totally not interested. However, he was really persistent, he left tubs of Diamond Water for me to try. After drinking Diamond Water, I go to toilet every day, the same goes for my son. I feel that drinking water is better than taking medicine. It has so many benefits despite the fact that there are many types of water purifiers in the market. I introduce this product to my friends and relatives. I feel that I should share this wonderful product to others instead of enjoying it alone. I bought this product because I have experienced its benefits. “

 http://www.diamond.com.sg/owner.jpg Tey Yoke Lan
Owner Of Electrical Shop

“I stay in an apartment. The water is very dirty, whenever I put a white shirt into the washing machine, it will turned up to be yellow. I can’t wear it anymore. I always wanted to buy a water purifier and my friend told me about this product. Moreover, he told me that a lot of customers using Diamond Health Water have solved their constipation problems. He also taught me how to use this product; at that time I decided to give it a try. After trying for about 6 to 7 months, my constipation problem was totally solved. Since then, I realise that Diamond Water is different. This is my own experience. My mother and younger brother were also suffering from constipation. Now their conditions have improved. Now, all my relatives are using Diamond Health Water System! “