Diamond Spa

For our healthy skin
For a refreshing & rejuvenating bath, nothing beats the Diamond Spa Shower System.
It’s a combination of 3 amazing technologies, namely:-

  • A Filtron that eliminates contaminants from as small as 10 microns;

  • Advanced Chlorine Removal Balls to keep your shower chlorine-free;

  • An revolutionary Energy Conversion features that break down water molecule clusters into the smallest possible size, all to help to give you the ultimate shower experience.


Miriam Yeung (Hong Kong Actress) is Diamond Spa User.

Hence, stop showering in Chlorine!

With the new & revolutionary Diamond Spa Shower System, you will:-

  • Have healthier & younger-looking skin;

  • Have softer & more manageable hair;

  • Have relief from dry skin & scalp;

Not to mention … it is especially great for those with Chlorine sensitivity.