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Discover the Mystery of Healthy Water

An age-old legend: The belief that drinking water stored in earthen jars could make one healthier had led to the many researches by modern scientists who finally discovered Health Water.
Long before the advances western science, there had already been practices which demonstrated wisdom of common folks in countries all over the world. Some good examples are Chinese herbs, acupuncture, Qi Gong, aromatherapy and flower-tea from China. Many modern inventions are the results of inspirations by these age old wisdoms. Health Water is one of them.

Unveil the Earthen Jar and the Village of Longevity – the close link between water and health
In Korea for example, legend has it that every family had an earthen jar in olden days and the people who drank water from it were all very healthy. Moreover, there had been discovery that people from the Village of Longevity enjoyed a longer lifespan because they had been drinking natural spring water for generations. These stories have drawn the attention of scientists to begin their research on ancient spring water. Their findings revealed that the clay of earthen jars and the soil of the Village of Longevity contain a special magnetic energy and mineral elements that could change the structure and condition of water, making it more beneficial to the human body.

Healthy Water arouses the interests of Scientist

Scientists observed that the reason inhabitants of the Village of Longevity living a healthier and longer life were not merely due to their food and environment. Water played an important role. Scientists’ persistent studies over the past three decades revealed that the spring water in jungles, glaciers and deep underground streams are different from the water in our cities today. Some of the features these waters have in common are that they are unpolluted, contains a balanced amount of minerals, have a sweetish taste and the structure of the water molecule clusters are different from the water in our cities. Consuming this kind of natural health water is extremely beneficial to our health.


Efforts by experts finally led to the rediscovery of the beneficial Ancient Water
Scientists have developed a new technology in their research for making ceramic beads by using several types of ore that contain natural magnetic energy and clay that contains special minerals. When water passes through the ceramic beads, the mineral elements of these ceramic beads will change the condition of the water and restore the water to its near natural structure. It is fine, smooth and sweetish in taste and can be easily absorbed by human body. Being closer to the ancient natural health water definitely helps in improving one’s health.

Japan Water Quality Expert: Professor Kenji Kawamura on Healthy Water


In the past years, numerous experts of health water quality and researchers have done thorough studies on health water and these have lead to emergence of Diamond Health Water Filter. Professor Kenji Kawamura from University of Tokyo, Japan has explained the relationship between water quality and health:

Discover healthy and beneficial water
“Human body consists of 70 percent water content, while 85 percent of blood is water, undoubtedly water is very important to us! Clean and safe quality is the basic requirement for drinking water, I spent much time to study ‘water’ and found that modern urban water greatly differs from ancient natural water. This is believed to be due to the hypothesis that small water molecule clusters are good for metabolism of human body. Contamination-free water especially those from longevity villages, clay jars in Korea, polar glacier or spring water from underground has special structure of water molecule clusters. Consumption of these natural health water provides great contribution to our health as it is smooth with pleasant taste, more easily to absorb and will not cause abdominal distension if taken excessively. It can promote metabolism and improve gastrointestinal condition thus making us healthier.”

Health water has many advantages, but more efforts are needed for researches to find out scientific supporting evidence
“We believe that water can be improved and drinking water of better quality is good for health. We have been studied constantly to look for the answer of health water, one of the reason is the small water molecule clusters that are easily absorbed to promote metabolism and improve health. But it is pity that till now there are only indirect scientific tests for verification of the structure of water molecule clusters, yet health water still has lot of potential benefits to be found out in the future.”
Diamond Health Water Filter invented the technology of converting modern urban water to health water.
“I am always thinking that it is good if human can get to drink health water for long period of time. Therefore we have been using contamination-free geographical condition and ceramic beads that made of mineral stones with natural magnetic energy and also pottery clay with special mineral content. When water flow through the ceramic beads, these beads convert modern urban water to ancient natural water by changing the water condition to a close-to-natural structure. Diamond Health Water Filter utilizes this technology to produce natural health water through the design of 6 filter cartridges and magnetic energy of natural mineral stones.”

Resume of Kenji Kawamura

Born in 25 April 1940, the Professor of University of Tokyo, Japan has put in much effort in the research of three main subjects: technology of making health water, effects of negative ions on nervous system, and the relation between energy and human body. He has been the company chairman of Laboratory of Technology and Science of Tokyo since 1965, and till 1991 he became the president of Education Society of Biotechnology of Japan. In 2002 he became the president of Research Society of Applied Negative Ions of Japan and his publications include ‘Good Water, Bad Water about Body’ in 2000 and ‘To be Healthful by the Water’ in 2004.