Diamond Energy Water

After over 30 years of research, Japanese scientists succeeded in developing Energy Conversion technology that helps break water molecule clusters into smaller clusters for easier absorption. This technology is very popular in Japan, and has been widely hailed as a breakthrough health therapy.

Diamond Spring Water System is based on this advanced Energy Converter technology. Its revolutionary 6-filter design not only provides the cleanest, purest water around, but also helps break down water molecule clusters into smaller clusters for easier absorption by the body’s cells, thus improving the transfer of nutrients and enhancing metabolism.

Diamond Spring Water System was introduced to the market in 1998. Since then, more and more people have been greatly benefited. The benefits received cannot be contained within, these users shared their good news with their relatives and friends. Many even thank the company with their testimonies.

Below are the brief information of the 6 filters in our system:

  • Filter A : The world’s best impregnated ceramic filter, which has been awarded NSF Certification, thoroughly removes bacteria and impurities like dirt, silt and rust.
  • Filter B : NSF certified activated carbon removes unpleasant odours and colours, while natural mineral stones regulate mineral content.
  • Filter C : Composed of NSF certified Grade A activated carbon and a KDF metal ion converter (meeting the standards stipulated by the FDA and EPA of the United States), this filter completely removes heavy metals, chlorine, and other chemical contaminants.
  • Filter D : The CE2000PI Energy Conversion technology of Japan effectively breaks water molecules into the smallest possible clusters; making it easier for our body to absorb. It also increases the dissolved oxygen content in the water.
  • Filter E : A high-tech ID2 energy stabilizer with far infrared technology stabilizes energy in the water to keep water molecule clusters at the smallest size for a prolonged period of time.
  • Filter F : High-density NSF certified activated carbon combined with natural magnetic stones help balance the water to a mild alkaline level and increase the number of calcium ions to further enhance health.

Here are why your family need Diamond Energy Water System:

  • Pure and safe exceeding the guidelines for drinking water quality stipulated by the World Health Organisation! Suitable for direct consumption without boiling!
  • Contains essential minerals, with a smoother and more pleasant taste!
  • Easily absorbed by our body to enhance metabolism!
  • Removes accumulated toxins and improves health!
  • Effectively eliminates chlorine and its health-threatening by-products in tap water, thus reducing cancer risk!